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Gage the Water Champ


WET stands for Water Efficiency Target. It’s a program from the SCV Water – Newhall Division and it’s here to make water efficiency easy.

WET uses the latest science and satellite technology to personalize how much water is needed for each residential customer. We call this amount your WET or “water efficiency target.”

Your WET represents the ideal amount of water for your home and yard, without compromising your lifestyle.

Each month, our friend “Gage” (right) will let you know how you’re doing with your target on your monthly water bill.

Our aim is to help you save water and money. WET is your tool to help achieve both.


Your WET is easy to understand. First, you will be able to view your target online by accessing your account here. It will also be delivered to you each month as part of your water bill – both in the mail or email. Here’s how to use your WET:

  • Step One: Open your monthly water bill (paper or ebill)
  • Step Two: Check your target (It will be shown on both the front and back of your bill). Gage will also let you know how you’re doing.
  • Step Three: On target? Celebrate with Gage … thumbs up!

Even if you’re having trouble meeting your target, we’re here to help. This is a team effort and our team is ready to help you meet your target. Give them a call at (661) 259-3610.


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