While the State of California is still mandating certain restrictions on water use, Newhall County Water District is now able to take into account the drought planning that we have been preparing for in the valley for years. In fact, our approach has always been to empower you with information and data, then allow the consumer to make water-wise choices. So far, this approach has worked well. With this being said, Newhall County Water District must still comply with California legislation (SBx7-7) requiring per-capita water use in the state to be reduced by 20 percent by 2020.

When You Can Water Your Lawn

No watering day restrictions – Turf grass does not require water every day. To maintain healthy grass it is recommended that you only water every other day and use the cycle and soak watering method to eliminate runoff.

The “Can-dos” of the Drought: How to meet State Restrictions & Avoid Potential Fines


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Your Questions, Answered


Q: Will I get fined if I do not comply with these restrictions and watering schedule?

A: It’s possible, but we want to avoid fines. Our job, as your community water provider, is to provide you the tools to use less water. Our Action Plan anticipates three key phases if a violation is found: 1) Education and information, 2) Warning; more education, and finally 3) Fines for repeat water-wasters.


Q: I am ready to save even more water. What else can I do?


A: Take advantage of NCWD’s rebate programs. Get paid to replace your lawn, swap out an inefficient appliance or upgrade irrigation. Got another innovative idea? Let us know. Our unique “You Save, We Pay” program honors your innovation by providing a rebate for measurable water savings.


Q: How bad is this drought?


A: It’s serious…real serious. It is among the worst our state has ever faced. Large regional reservoirs, including Castaic Lake, are at just one-third capacity on average. That makes conservation and diverse water supplies, like groundwater, critical to navigating short- and long-term water challenges.

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