Join the NCWD Team and Make a Difference; Help Supply our most Valuable Resource – WATER!

We are located in the beautiful Santa Clairta Valley of North Los Angeles County. The District retails water to over 9,000 metered services within a 32 square mile area, providing groundwater and surface water from the State Water Project.


Applications are only accepted for current open positions. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of applications. All application material will be evaluated based on related experience and education. The interview selection process generally consists of an oral panel interview and/or written evaluation of experience and education and/or other appropriate testing techniques. Persons selected for employment will be required to take, and pass, a pre-employment physical, drug screen and background investigation. He/she will also be required to present documents establishing personal identity and the legal right to work in the United States.


NCWD is an equal opportunity employer and all employees and applicants shall receive equal consideration and treatment. The District will recruit, hire and promote the best qualified individuals for positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other protected class (“protected classes” as recognized by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the California State Department of Fair Employment and Housing and California Labor Code).


The GCC report is intended to capture the salary, compensation and benefit information for every compensated government employee.


The following table is NCWD’s current wages per month by classification.

Accounting / Human Resources Assistant$ 4,920$ 5,981
Assistant General Manager$ 9,549$12,891
Customer Service Field Representative I$ 3,651$ 4,437
Customer Service Field Representative II$ 4,238$ 5,152
Senior Customer Service Field Representative$ 4,454$ 5,414
Customer Service Office Representative I$ 3,473$ 4,222
Customer Service Office Representative II$ 3,837$ 4,664
Senior Customer Service Office Representative$ 4,238$ 5,152
Customer Service & Water Efficiency Coordinator$ 4,454$ 5,414
Customer Service & Water Efficiency Supervisor$ 5,435$ 6,606
Director of Finance / Administration$ 8,144$10,994
Engineering Technician$ 4,682$ 5,690
Senior Engineering Technician$ 4,920$ 5,981
Executive Assistant$ 4,920$ 5,981
General Manager$15,300$15,300
Information Systems Specialist$ 6,004$ 7,298
Senior Information Systems Specialist$ 6,350$ 8,573
Superintendent$ 7,299$ 9,854
Warehouse Technician$ 4,032$ 4,901
Water Production / Quality Technician I$ 4,454$ 5,414
Water Production / Quality Technician II$ 4,920$ 5,981
Senior Water Production / Quality Technician$ 5,171$ 6,286
Water Operations Supervisor$ 6,350$ 8,573
Water Quality Technician$ 4,920$ 5,981
Water Quality Specialist$ 5,256$ 7,096
Water System Construction Supervisor$ 6,004$ 7,298
Water System Maintenance Supervisor$ 6,004$ 7,298
Water System Worker I$ 3,651$ 4,437
Water System Worker II$ 4,238$ 5,152
Senior Water System Worker$ 4,454$ 5,414