Within the Operations Department you can view the District’s Standard Specifications for Construction and review ongoing maintenance and capital projects.

Specifications and Standard Drawings

The Specifications and Standard Drawings contained herein set minimum standards for working relationships, workmanship and quality. These documents are provided as construction standards for proposed improvements or additions to the Newhall County Water District water system.

NCWD Standard Specifications for Construction

Maintenance and Capital Projects

Newhall County Water District is involved in a number of ongoing projects throughout the year to ensure our facilities operate safety and customers receive reliable water service.

 Active Jobs

Maintenance Program

NCWD routinely flushes distribution system dead-ends (i.e., cul-del-sacs) to proactively maintain good water quality. Operators locate designated blow-off connections in the street and link them to an unit mounted on a truck to defuse and dechlorinate the water. Once attached, a valve is opened which allows water to flow through the diffusing unit. While flushing, the operator collect data (flow, chlorine residual, visual water quality characteristics) and later inputs the information into a database.

dead-end flushing